Seasoned Firewood (Bulk Bag of Softwood)

60.00 55.00

Bulk Bag of Softwood

Size: 90x90x90 (Approximately 0.75 m3) or commonly known as a tonne bag (doesn’t hold a tonne of timber)

Moisture: 25% or less

All Products are WFQA Quality Assured.


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Buy firewood from us and Relax! All our timber products are guaranteed to be below 25% in moisture content and WFQA certified.

Cut and split to suit any stove or open fire. Although we do not recommend burning softwood in open fire as it has the tendency to “spit”.

Moisture: 25% or less

Bag Size: 90x90x90 cm (Approximately 0.75 m3 loose firewood)

All Products are WFQA Quality Assured.


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