Kiln Dried Hardwood – Oak

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  • Kiln Dried Hand Stacked Oak Hardwood Crate – (2m³)

100% Oak Hardwood split firewood.

Moisture content at approximately 17%

Can also be used in the likes of pizza ovens and barbeques to impart excellent flavour to the food.

***This is not an FSC® certified product.***

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100% Oak Hardwood split firewood.

  • Ultra low moisture content at approximately 17% due to Kiln Drying process
  • Carbon neutral fuel which is a great alternative to traditional fossil fuels like coal
  • No additives or toxic producing gases released when ignited reducing contamination of your stove and flue
  • Aesthetically pleasing stacked or stored in both domestic and commercial environments such as restaurants
  • Can be safely used in pizza stoves/ barbeques giving dishes a unique flavour as it is non toxic.
  • Sourced and processed in the E.U.

Please note a smooth concrete surface along with dry storage is essential for this product.  Access to the store should be HGV accessible to ensure delivery as a tail-lift is normally used in off-loading. If in any doubt as to the procedure, please don’t hesitate to contact the Sales on 0879476569


***This is not an FSC® certified product.***