About Us

Our company is based on the virtues of a good work ethos which is primarily concerned with continuously improving our product and service to our customer. We have built our business philosophy around the following key points:

  • Sourcing quality firewood product locally
  • Providing a hardwood and softwood solution
  • Supply both logs and kindling for all types of use – domestic or commercial
  • We ensure all our woods are clean to handle
  • Pine and Spruce Softwood is guaranteed not to exceed 25%
  • Beech and Ash Hardwood is guaranteed not to exceed 25% and burns longer than softwood
  • 25% moisture or less means higher heat output – better value for money
  • Poor quality wood burns at a lower temperature
  • Our product minimises residue on glass fronted stoves and flues
  • Large Storage capabilities – Large Warehouse Facilities
  • Capability to supply large quantities of wholesale product
  • Efficient Delivery Process

Call David for the most competitive quote on the market or email info@wood2go.ie